Meet The Nail Healer

Greetings from me to you!

I call myself the nail healer because I am known for healing and transforming damaged and or troubled nails.

Maybe your nails are weak and thin from coming out of acrylics or gels, or layering and peeling from too much water and cleaning agents.  You know, the missing rubber gloves you forgot to put on before cleaning the shower.  And DNA plays a role too. We inherit the good and the bad. But there’s hope.

These conditions are ALL changeable and in most cases, fixable. And I can do it. I’ve done it for years, and I can teach you how to care for your nails with loving natural products that DO NO HARM. It’s easy and inexpensive and feels sooo good.

When I was licensed in February of 1993, I chose the fiberglass and silk system for the client who wanted immediate long, strong beautiful nails. We’ve all been there, you know. You have to be in attendance somewhere important on Saturday, it’s Tuesday and your nails look like they’ve been in the garden all week. Some are broken, some are split and jagged, either way, you can’t go like that. So, by wrapping the nail with fiberglass and glue, ( nail glue, not super glue. There is a difference.) I could give her that gorgeous set of beauties causing the least harm to her natural nail. I liked this system, but I still had to file quite a bit during the 2 to 3 week maintenance appt. and that caused stress to my clients nails, and stress to my hands.

While I am an advocate for everything to be as natural as possible, I am also a realist. I absolutely believe 100% in putting only the finest natural ingredients in and on our bodies. Our world is slowly catching on too, but much has to be done yet. While they are continuing to make base coats, top coats, and nail polish free from harmful chemicals, they must still contain some solvents and resins for adhesion to the nail. If worn properly and cared for regularly, these polishes won’t harm. Leave them on to long, or remove with a harsh chemical and they can be drying, and damaging also. But, polish is the least of my worries for your nails. That’s the peacock phase of the manicure, where the beautiful fan of color explodes on your hand, and becomes a personal joy!

So, I started the long process of weaning my clients from their silk wraps, into wearing their own natural nails. Some of them left, but most of them stayed. Maybe out of loyalty and trust, maybe out of curiosity. “Let’s just see how she keeps these  nails from splitting and peeling like my Mom’s did!”  Or, “I’ll never be able to keep polish for more than a couple days without my wraps, how is she going to solve that?”  I knew there was a way. I knew I could figure it out and make people happier. Every one I asked, if given the choice to wear your own natural nail or an artificial overlay, what would you choose? The answer was always the same. “If they’re healthy, thick and strong, and my polish stays on, then of course, I want my own.”

In 2007, I began the intense process of working solely on the natural nail, using fiberglass for repairs only. Asking clients for their patience while we transition and thicken the nail on it’s own, was challenging but  they rose to that challenge, and kept the faith. These clients are still with me, and love not being trapped into standing bi-weekly appointments for maintenance. They LOVE having their OWN natural nail that can be adorned with color, or gently buffed to a high shine.

This is my personal joy. Making beauty that lasts on a strong healthy canvas. Ten fingers, ten toes. 20 little strong healthy canvases. Oh the JOY!

Now you know what I’m about. Curious as to HOW? Stay tuned!!

Until then, Goodbye for now…….!